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Taran Sangha

Park Board Candidate

• Born and raised in Vancouver

• Went to Khalsa elementary school, then Sir Winston Churchill secondary, now I am currently attending Simon Fraser University pursuing a degree in psychology

• I have held positions as kitchen help, line/prep cook, a cashier at Safeway

• Growing up I attended classes for taekwondo, skating, and swimming at the local community center, also ever since I could ride a bike I have been cycling around Vancouver. Ever summer I use to go to the pool at sunset until it was shut down.

• I grew up in a bilingual family so I can English and Punjabi

• I volunteer with Guru Nanak Free Kitchen where I make food for community events and shelters.

• Also in the summer while I was growing up my siblings, my cousins and I would get together and make food and serve it at the shelters

• My hobbies are cooking, baking, eating good food, and reading, cycling

• My dream is to one day own a café/bakery that serves local vegetarian and vegan comfort food

• One of the main reasons I am going into this is because I would like more programs for young adults including programs specific to young adults living with disabilities.

• I would also like to implement a program where all staff that is affiliated with community centers are trained in disability awareness and inclusiveness.