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Penny Mussio

City Council Candidate

Penny was born and raised in Burnaby. After high school graduation, Penny attended UBC and received a Bachelor Degree in Education followed by a Master’s Degree in Education specializing in School Administration and Adult Education. Penny worked in the school system for 15 years initially as a Business Education Teacher then later as a Department Head and a Counsellor.

Recently, Penny has focused on opening and operating many successfully businesses including the Canadian Tutoring Service, Backroad Mapbooks, Delta Ice Hawks Junior B Hockey Team, ICBCadvice,com, Mussio Law Group and the Nanaimo Clippers Junior A Hockey Team.

Fifteen years ago, Penny and her family moved to Vancouver to raise their two children.
For Penny, living in Vancouver these past fifteen years has been very challenging and rewarding. She has had to learn how to carefully balance her home life with her business endeavors. Penny’s children were always a priority so Penny has been very active with volunteering at schools.

Over the last decade, Vision has changed Vancouver, a once inviting, fun and family orientated city, into a limiting, unfriendly, non-family orientated, congested city. Vision has pushed through projects they deem mandatory, regardless of what the taxpayers want, under the belief that “it’s good for us”. This agenda has hurt businesses and families. While the majority of people in Vancouver drive motor vehicles over bicycles, Vision’s intense focus on bikes has punished motor vehicle commuters with longer driving times. Penny will help refocus the City back to the people and away from special interest groups.

In addition, thanks to Vision, our city is plagued with poor sanitation issues, limited parking, increased homelessness, rampant drug addiction issues, delays on permitting, excessive taxation, and a ballooning debt. Penny plans to correct these issues and make Vancouver more liveable again.

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