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Morning Li

City Council Candidate

Morning Li was born in China and immigrated to Vancouver 14 years ago. After graduating with a computer science major, he worked in the IT industry as a programmer, system administrator, salesperson, and then later opened his own computer company.

He came to Vancouver with very little and survived by working many odd jobs, including: truck driver, cleaner, mover, and being a computer engineer to fix computers, amongst others.

After he saved enough money, he tried to open his own businesses. He tried many types of small businesses including: moving, cleaning, IT, freight forwarding, courier, trading, reporting income tax, and even his own furniture store. Now he is focusing on moving, freight forwarding, and his realtor businesses.

He has 3 reasons why he is running for city council.

The first is trying to tackle the homelessness problem. In fact, he almost didn’t immigrate to Vancouver after seeing the downtown eastside. Although he still did decide to immigrate, he feels strongly about this issue and believes that something needs to be done.

Second, as a father of 2 kids, he really thinks that city council needs to address livability for future generations.

Third, he is concerned with the housing market. He believes it is not a healthy market for anyone anymore; renters, owners, landlords, and even the industry as a whole in the long-run. He will be looking to find solutions to address the affordable housing crisis on council.