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Press Release | September 24, 2018

Press Release For Immediate Release September 24, 2018 Coalition Vancouver has significant concerns regarding recent facts uncovered by Frances Bula of The Globe and Mail. The news outlet discovered that a prominent luxury condo developer bought and paid for the huge billboards promoting the Mayoral run of current City Councillor Hector Bremner.

Sophia Woo, Ken Denike ask court to erase Brandon Yan’s Chinese name from Vancouver ballot

What’s in a name? A lot it seems, especially in an election when that name has the ability to appeal to voters of a specific ethnicity. A notice of civil claim has been filed before the B.C. Supreme Court regarding the addition of a Chinese name to the legal name of Brandon Yan, a candidate for Vancouver city council.

Wai Young, Vancouver mayoral candidate (BIV Today No. 97) | Business in Vancouver

This episode features mayoral candidate Wai Young, representing Coalition Vancouver.

Vancouver council approves duplex zoning throughout the city | The Star

VANCOUVER-Vancouver city council has voted to approve a zoning change to allow duplexes throughout the city after a two-day public hearing. Dozens of residents spoke for or against the proposal, but the issue also showed how the city’s political parties are positioning themselves either on the side of adding more density in single family neighbourhoods or strongly opposing the idea.

Morgane Oger, Ken Denike tear at each other over transgender concerns in Vancouver

Well at least they’re promising that they can work with each other. That is if they’re elected as trustees of the Vancouver school board. But for now, as candidates in the October 20 civic election, Morgane Oger and Ken Denike are happy to make it known that they don’t agree with each other.

Letters to The Province, Sept. 21, 2018: Focusing on past issues ‘unrelated to the job’ isn’t fair to politicians

Why is it that we – and especially the media – seem to think that every person running for political office today should have every past indiscretion, regardless of how trivial, publicly aired and discussed as if it were some mark they should wear on their forehead forever?

Press Release | September 19, 2018

Press Release For Immediate Release September 19, 2018 In regard to the front-page Vancouver Sun story regarding Wai Young’s traffic ticket, Wai Young states: “I fully support laws governing distracted driving. These laws have been put in place to ensure our roads stay safe.”

Press Release | September 19, 2018

Press Release For Immediate Release September 19, 2018 Wai Young and Coalition Vancouver want to express our disappointment with the Vancouver Mayor and Council voting in favour for the reckless Making Room Program passed late tonight. Coalition Vancouver stands with the 4 councillors and thousands of residents who opposed this draconian policy.

Mayoral candidate Wai Young’s Coalition Vancouver says the affordable housing crisis is not a supply problem

A former Conservative MP seeking the mayoralty of Vancouver has unveiled her housing plan. And Wai Young’s Coalition Vancouver website claims that the city’s housing crisis is not linked to a lack of supply. To support this contention, the party declares that for every new household in the past 15 years, an additional 1.19 net units of housing have been added.

Two-person mayoral race in Vancouver a thing of the past

This mayoral race is a doozy. Never in my time of covering Vancouver civic elections – from the 2002 race to present – have so many credible candidates wanted the job. And when I write “credible,” I mean people with a community profile and either a history in politics or something close to it.

Daphne Bramham: It's time to start asking tough questions of civic candidates

All of the candidates for October’s province-wide civic elections have filed their nomination papers, so the time for asking hard questions is now. Housing and affordability are clearly the most important issues for most communities, even those beyond the hyper-inflated markets in Metro Vancouver. Candidates won’t be able to avoid talking about it.

Vancouver election: Eight mayoral candidates pack stage at Monday evening debate

In an event billed as the first mayoral debate of Vancouver’s 2018 election, no fewer than eight candidates for the city’s top job packed the stage. The two-hour debate on Monday evening, organized by Glacier Media, drew a capacity crowd into a theatre at the Simon Fraser University Harbour Centre downtown.

Is the Party Era in Vancouver Politics Over? | The Tyee

Vancouver’s 81-year-old civic party for right-leaning voters, the Non-Partisan Association, is telling you that it’s “focused not on left-wing or right-wing ideology, but on delivering solutions that work.”

Mayoral candidates Wai Young and Fred Harding pledge to take NDP government to court over tax on $3-million homes

A new levy on $3-million-plus homes was a hot topic at last night’s Vancouver mayoral debate, which was hosted by Shaughnessy Heights Property Owners’ Association. One of the candidates, Coalition Vancouver standard-bearer Wai Young, called the new “school tax” unprecedented. And she promised to make use of the city’s legal resources to battle the province.

In crowded Vancouver mayor’s race, Wai Young turns right to find space

In Vancouver’s crowded mayoral race, observers say one candidate is courting controversy and setting herself apart from others in the field. Political scientist Stewart Prest says the city, which is one of the few in Canada operating on a party system, is politically fractured in a way that hasn’t been seen in years ahead of the Oct.


(本网讯) 温哥华联盟市长候选人杨萧慧仪日前(九月十二日)联同该联盟17位候选人, 共同宣布正式展开竞选活动。 当晚活动盛况空前,有过千人参与, 有关团体, 各界侨领, 以及杨萧慧仪和各候选人的支持者, 济济一堂, 万人空巷, 所有门票均被抢购一空, 现场坐无虚席。 杨萧慧仪在台上与支持者分享了她在温哥华五十多年的经历 …

Race to watch: Vancouver’s mayoral race serves up some history in the making

No matter who wins the job as Vancouver’s mayor on Oct. 20, history will be made. Just pick the headline: Vancouver’s first Chinese-Canadian mayor, Vancouver’s first independent mayor since 1972, Vancouver’s youngest mayor since Mike Harcourt was elected in 1981. In all estimations, the race to replace three-term Mayor Gregor Robertson is wide open.

Wai Young’s Plan to Punish ‘Elite’ Cyclists and ‘Lawless’ Pedestrians | The Tyee

During a municipal election dominated by the worst housing crisis in Vancouver’s history, Wai Young is campaigning for mayor on ripping up bike lanes. Yet her commitment to ending the “ideological war on transportation” goes much deeper than that.


(本网综合讯)代表温哥华联盟(Coalition Vancouver)参选温哥华市长的候选人杨萧慧仪(Wai Young),与其政党温哥华联盟(Coalition Vancouver)市选团队的誓师大会,9月12日晚在温哥华南区South Hall举行。杨萧慧仪公布了温哥华联盟竞选团队的施政纲领。近千位关注参政议政的社会各界人士及支持者参加了这次活动,现场热闹非常,支持者众多。 …

杨萧慧仪率温哥华联盟隆重举办市选誓师大会 加拿大乐活网 – 加拿大新闻|温哥华新闻


Former NPA rebel Ken Charko joins Wai Young’s Coalition Vancouver

Vancouver businessman and maverick Ken Charko has found a new political home. Charko has joined the Coalition Vancouver of mayoral candidate Wai Young. He is also running for city council in this year’s October 20 civic election. Charko owns the Dunbar Theatre, which was named business of the year in 2013 by the Kitsilano Chamber of Commerce.

Coalition Vancouver Announces its Candidates for City Council, Parks Board, and School Board | September 10, 2018

Press Release For Immediate Release September 10, 2018 Coalition Vancouver and Mayoral Candidate Wai Young are proud to announce their team running for City Council, Parks Board, and School Board. Drawing on decades of experience, this is the team that will win on October 20th and take back City Hall for the people.

Your Guide to the Vancouver Election. And Believe Us, You’ll Need It | The Tyee

Every 10 years, the pendulum swings and Vancouverites vote a new party into power. Or so they say. Announcements, Events & more from Tyee and select partners If there’s a left-leaning government in Victoria, Vancouver voters will elect a right-leaning city hall. Or so they say.

Where do Vancouver mayoral candidates stand on climate policies? | CBC News

After many days, the smog has lifted from Vancouver’s skyline. That doesn’t mean the issue of climate change is going away. While questions around housing have dominated the city’s political debates for months, outgoing mayor Gregor Robertson made climate policies a centrepiece of his leadership.

It looks like Glen Chernen is running for a council seat with Coalition Vancouver

A litigious researcher of City of Vancouver land deals appears to be ready to make a run for council. Coalition Vancouver mayoral candidate Wai Young has told the Vancouver Sun that Glen Chernen will be a candidate with her new party. This came after party volunteer Gary C.

Go ahead Vancouver, name a city councillor who brings value to the job

Received an email the other day from a reader who reminded me of something I wrote in April 2017. It was about city council and how much money each of the 11 elected representatives earned and whether they bring value to the job; for the record , it’s more than $82,000 for councillors, more than $160,000 for mayor.

Meet the New Parties Taking on Vancouver’s Establishment This Election | The Tyee

Vancouver voters will be familiar with civic political parties Vision Vancouver, the Non-Partisan Association (NPA), the Coalition of Progressive Electors (COPE), the local Greens and the young OneCity. Announcements, Events & more from Tyee and select partners But what about Coalition Vancouver, ProVancouver and Yes Vancouver?

Wai Young’s Coalition Vancouver open to alliances with others including Glen Chernen

Vancouver mayoral contender Wai Young has attracted a number of former Non-Partisan Association (NPA) members. Last month, Young announced that she is welcoming to her campaign team three ex-NPAers, namely Mike Lount, Annie Ayre, and David Jones. Lount’s name has some currency.

楊蕭慧儀若當選市長 推晚上8時後免費泊車

■溫哥華綜合醫院急症室門口的單車徑,被指造成救護車出入不便。 溫哥華市長候選人楊蕭慧儀(下圖),周三在溫哥華綜合醫院(Vancouver General Hospital,簡稱VGH)急症室門口的單車徑旁,舉行記者會,宣布其「互相尊重」(Mutual Respect)的新交通政綱。旨在把溫市打造成北美最宜居且最高效的城市,而不是最貴和最擁擠的城市。 …

Vancouver mayoral candidate Wai Young says she’ll rip out bike lanes in front of VGH

Vancouver mayoral candidate Wai Young is pledging, if elected, to rip out bike lanes in front of Vancouver General Hospital. Young claims the new bike lane at 10 Avenue at Laurel Street is giving “healthy cyclists” precedence over frail patients needing to access the emergency department at VGH.

Wai Young promises free parking after 8 p.m. if elected Vancouver mayor

Wai Young is promising more free parking if she becomes the next mayor of Vancouver. Young announced Wednesday (August 1) that parking will be free from 8 p.m. under her administration. The pledge supplements the vow she made when she launched her campaign on June 21 that she will eliminate paid parking on Sundays.

Vancouver mayoral hopeful Wai Young promises crackdown on cyclists/pedestrians

Vancouver mayoral hopeful Wai Young took aim at “lawless” cyclists and pedestrians when she promised to rip out bike lanes in front of Vancouver General Hospital and turn half of the city’s parking enforcement officers into bylaw officers to ticket bikers and walkers and to clear illegally parked cars.

Daily Poll: Do you agree with Wai Young’s idea to take out bike lanes at VGH?

Vancouver mayoral candidate Wai Young is pledging, if elected, to rip out bike lanes in front of Vancouver General Hospital. Young claims the new bike lane at 10 Avenue at Laurel Street is giving “healthy cyclists” precedence over frail patients needing to access the emergency department…

Wai Young not worried about crowded field of candidates in bid for mayor

The crowded field of candidates running for Vancouver mayor in the Oct. 20 municipal election will include former Conservative MP Wai Young who says she relishes the competition and that it’s good for democracy. Young, who served as MP for Vancouver-South from 2011 to 2015, is running with a new party called Coalition Vancouver.

Dan Fumano: As crowded mayoral race's latest entrant, Wai Young aims to stand right out

As Wai Young stepped, accompanied by a violinist, into this year’s unusually crowded Vancouver mayoral race, she set herself apart. The former Conservative MP for Vancouver South launched her campaign Thursday outside city hall with an event decidedly unlike those of her already declared competitors for the city’s top job, as she combined press conference, campaign rally and entertainment.

Wai Young Speaking at Women Transforming Cities

Wai Young talking about her experiences and her journey here. Being raised in a city at a time where she was one of the only three Asian people in the school, Wai faced a lot of racism during her school days up to an extent to students bullying and throwing rocks at her because of her colour and race.

‘Free the roads’: Wai Young joins Vancouver’s race for mayor on anti-bike lane platform | CBC News

Running on a campaign of freezing the number of bike lanes and lowering taxes – and introduced by a violinist playing Katy Perry’s Roar – Wai Young officially launched her campaign for mayor of Vancouver with a newly formed party called Coalition Vancouver.

Wai Young pooh-poohs NPA’s chances of winning the next Vancouver municipal election

Wai Young has issued a statement regarding the nomination of Vancouver businessman Ken Sim as the mayoral candidate of the Non-Partisan Association (NPA). The former Vancouver South Conservative MP congratulated Sim for securing the NPA nomination last Sunday (June 3).

Wai Young announces run for mayor of Vancouver

Wai Young, the former Conservative MP for Vancouver South, has finally made her bid for the Vancouver mayor’s chair official. In a Thursday news conference in front of several dozen supporters outside Vancouver City Hall, Young declared that she does not have a political agenda.

‘Dusty old backrooms and glass ceilings’ inspired Vancouver’s new municipal party, mayoral candidate Wai Young says | The Star

VANCOUVER-Coalition Vancouver’s mayoral candidate, Wai Young, says the new municipal party was born after the Non-Partisan Association “backroom boys” told her she couldn’t run for mayor. A level playing field between men and women does not exist quite yet, Young said, and there are still a lot of “dusty old backrooms and glass ceilings.”



楊蕭慧儀角逐溫市市長 當選撤3「擾民」單車道 倡周日免費泊車

【明報專訊】前國會議員楊蕭慧儀(Wai Young)昨日正式宣布,參選溫哥華市長。她承諾,假若執政,將撤除三條「擾民」的單車專線,豁免周日泊車費,並叫停高架橋(Viaducts)拆卸工程。

前國會議員楊蕭慧儀 宣布選溫哥華市長

■楊蕭慧儀表示,目前溫市政府已變爛攤子,被大集團等利益團體操控。 前溫哥華南區國會議員楊蕭慧儀,周四正式公布參選溫哥華市長。楊蕭慧儀計劃成立一個名為「溫哥華聯盟」(Vancouver Coalition)的新黨派,但黨內市議員候選人名單並未確定。楊蕭慧儀表明當選後,不會再建新單車徑,通過減稅的方式提高溫市居民生活可負擔性,並明確表達反對「學校稅」的立場,她稱該稅屬於偷竊行為。 …

‘Free the roads’: Wai Young joins Vancouver’s race for mayor on anti-bike lane platform | CBC News

Running on a campaign of freezing the number of bike lanes and lowering taxes – and introduced by a violinist playing Katy Perry’s Roar – Wai Young officially launched her campaign for mayor of Vancouver with a newly formed party called Coalition Vancouver.

Mayoral candidate Wai Young promises to scrap bike lanes in Vancouver

If she is elected mayor in the Oct.20 municipal election, Coalition Vancouver mayoral candidate Wai Young promises to eliminate two separated bike lanes–one recently installed on the Cambie Bridge, one under construction on West 10 th Avenue–and another paved cycling path planned for Kitsilano Beach.

Vancouver mayoral candidate Wai Young says she’ll abolish bike lanes

Calling Vancouver City Hall “broken,” Wai Young officially kicked off her campaign to become the city’s next mayor. “In all ways and at every level, we are going to take back our city,” Young said during her announcement on Thursday. “We know that city hall is broken.

Wai Young announces candidacy for Vancouver mayor with promise to rip up bike lanes | The Star

VANCOUVER-Former Conservative MP Wai Young took aim at bike lanes, dirty streets and an increased tax on homes worth more than $3 million as she announced her candidacy for mayor of Vancouver on Thursday. Young is running as part of a newly created political party, Coalition Vancouver, some of whose members are former Non-Partisan Association faithful.


圖),及溫市無黨派協會(NPA)市議員貝廉立(Hector Bremner,圖),正式宣佈角逐溫哥華市長一職,他們將首先角逐黨內的提名。 …