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Glen Chernen

City Council Candidate

Glen is a long-time resident of Vancouver where he was born and raised. Glen and his wife have two beautiful children who are the primary reason why Glen is so concerned for the future of this great city.

While running his first business Glen made a successful investment in a small commercial property. This led to his decades-long appreciation of real estate sector economics. Glen soon entered the real estate industry as a realtor and eventually returned to school for studies in finance and accounting.

Glen has been unrelenting in his push for honesty, integrity and transparency from the City of Vancouver and will continue to push for a strong ethical foundation that benefits you and your community.

In 2012, Glen began to feel that the Mayor was causing harm to Vancouver. In that time he has linked with and helped grow a network of fellow researchers while exposing many of the schemes that appear to be negatively affecting the City. Glen has been involved in financial analysis and investment for almost twenty years. Glen’s advanced knowledge of City of Vancouver real estate matters is critical for a City Councillor since real estate has such a large effect on the livability of our City.

We need Councillors who understand what they are voting on. Glen is that person. Elect Glen to put his years of experience to work, to ensure Vancouver makes fair deals resulting in lower taxes, more rental housing and a livable City.

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