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Vancouver is the greatest city in the world.

Do you remember the last time you’ve heard that? Do you remember the city you moved to? Do you remember the city you grew up in? Do you remember the pride of showing the city off to out of towners?

It’s been a while. There’s a reason. Our city has lost its way over the past decade. The city government used to work for the people instead of dictating to us. The city used to work to make our lives better, more prosperous and more convenient. A livable city is one that puts the well being of its residents first.

The neglect of our boulevards and medians, the decay of some of our neighbourhoods, homelessness and open drug use are all interconnected symptoms of how our city has been let slide by our government.

We can be proud again.

Restoring cleanliness goes hand in hand with safety and efficiency in city government. Coalition Vancouver’s Clean City Plan restores pride in our city:


Coalition Vancouver will double city sanitation staff.

Gregor Robertson’s Greenest City initiative has time and again looked the other way on filth and squalor. Although they’ve focused on reducing human impact on the environment they’ve paid precious little attention to the streets.

Green does not equal Clean.

They focused on reducing solid waste in landfills but no one at City Hall has shown they still care about the streets. The landfills, meanwhile, are doing just fine. In 2011 after the disappointment of losing the Stanley Cup, our great city was given a black eye by rioters. Gregor Robertson watched the riots explode and did nothing. Afterwards, it was Vancouverites who cleaned up the mess – not just city sanitation workers. These folks wanted to restore the city to the one they were proud of.

Coalition Vancouver agrees with them. We have civic pride and we want our city to have it again.


Coalition Vancouver will end the normalization of vagrancy in Vancouver.

Businesses will be required to ask and encourage vagrants to leave the areas immediately outside of the business. Large commercial buildings will have the same obligation.

A by-law hotline for businesses will be available to call and address any troublesome individuals. Newly retrained by-law officers will be immediately deployed to encourage troublesome individuals or groups of individuals to move along and leave businesses free to conduct their business.

By-law officers will work in tandem with the Vancouver Police Department.


Businesses operating in the City of Vancouver will be obligated to keep six metres on each side of the entrance door to their business clear of snow, debris and people to enable access for customers of all abilities and mobility.


Coalition Vancouver will give businesses the tools they need to protect their businesses and the investment they made in our city. We will be updating by-laws that protect business investment in the city. We will be enforcing the laws already in existence.


Coalition Vancouver will support businesses in our city. We will give businesses the tools they need to attract customers without fear or harassment. This includes clearing the sidewalks leading to businesses of vagrants and reducing the number of bike lanes obstructing access around our city.

Vancouver has lost too many small businesses in our neighbourhoods as the result of bad government policy. Together we can have a safe, prosperous city again.


Coalition Vancouver will increase by two to threefold the number of garbage and recycling receptacles in public areas. Some garbage fails to find its way to the garbage due to a lack of receptacles.

Garbage in these receptacles will be removed on a regular basis. The cans will not overflow.


Coalition Vancouver will restore weekly garbage pickup to residential homes.


Coalition Vancouver will eliminate random and non-sanctioned graffiti throughout the city. Designated swat teams will be tasked with removal and restoration. A graffiti hotline will be initiated to ensure our city keeps clean.


City Parks and Recreations will also double sanitation staff. These new sanitation workers will ensure public parks remain clear of litter, needles and human waste.

Neglect by the city government has led to the grittiness and urban decay we’ve seen in our city.

Once again we will have playgrounds that do not need to be cleaned before children play.


Coalition Vancouver will restore pride in our city and show it to the world. A first step of the restoration of this pride will be through the clean up of arterials into our city and our primary historical and tourist sites. Grass will be cut and city medians and thoroughfares will be maintained.

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