A Letter To Vancouverites

Sun, Oct 14, 2018

Dear Vancouverites,

Greetings from your next-door neighbour in Burnaby.

In the upcoming Vancouver Civic Election, I can only recognize two names in the mayoral race, Wai Young and Kennedy Stewart.

I’m a First Nation, a business owner and I spend a lot of my free time supporting small business, mentoring students and  fighting antisemitism. In every group that I am involved with, Wai Young is very well known and highly respected. This is not because of anything that she might have said, it’s for all the many things that she has actually accomplished. This is why I recognize her name.

I also recognize the name Kennedy Stewart, but for very different reasons.

Stewart was my MP. This was before he suddenly abandoned his posts and left us high and dry with no MP to represent us in Ottawa. Even when he was on the job, the only time I ever saw him is when he was campaigning for his BCA/NDP colleagues at the city level and with the BC NDP at the provincial level, it was all politics all the time. Stewart never said a word while our affordable rental homes were being demolished. Of course for a publicity stunt, he did manage to make the news for getting himself arrested. Astoundingly, he’s been in the media recently trying to defend his abysmal record.

During the time that Stewart was on the job, I left him two phone messages and two emails, but none of my inquiries were ever returned. I resorted to asking a question by Twitter and he promptly blocked me. Twitter is a contentious matter for Stewart, I’m sure that everyone has seen his campaign manager bullying and threatening a person over the simple matter of a tweet.

Much of the authority given to city governments is extended by the province. With conflicting loyalties, I doubt Stewart would ever criticize the current BC government, more likely, he’d give them a free pass on every matter.

If I lived in Vancouver, I’d vote for Wai Young without any hesitation, but since I am in Burnaby, I won’t weigh in on this matter. Strictly as a concerned neighbour, I strongly recommend that you stay away from Stewart… stay far away.

Your neighbour,

-Gordon Shank


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