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There are only a few more days of early voting! Advance voting ends on October 17th. We need YOUR VOTE!

Our candidates have been hard at work for weeks delivering your message to voters:

  • Lower Taxes
  • Ending The Ideological War on Transportation
  • Clean City Plan
  • Diverse Housing

Common Sense And it’s working! The public’s response to our message has been unbelievable – our momentum is clearly growing. But that’s not enough to get Coalition Vancouver and Wai Young elected. We need YOUR VOTE to bring Common Sense back to City Hall and fight the Unions, Developers, Big Business and Special Interest Groups! This is your city and Coalition Vancouver is 100% for you the People! Unlike our opponents, I cannot be bought.

Please Vote for Change and Help Us Take Back Our City!

Why it is important to vote early? This is a change election and a large voter turn out to the early polls often sends a clear message that change is indeed in the air. No more backroom boys, no more secret developer money, no more Union interference in City Hall.

It all stops on Oct 20th. You can cast your vote as early as this Wednesday the 10th.

How to Vote

Scroll down for a list of all Coalition Vancouver candidates in this election. As there are 158 candidates in total, look for the “Coalition Vancouver” text to the right of each Coalition candidates name on the ballot.

Our Platform

  • We will immediately end the ideological war on transportation with NO new bike lanes.

  • Care House is unique. It grabs best-practices from all over the world – employment training, detoxification, coaching and such. It is a one-stop shop.  Care House staff will draw from a complete range of social service specialists, tailoring programs to meet each person’s needs. Yes, it starts with housing, but focuses on personal rehabilitation.

  • We will undertake a review of all separated bike lanes down major arterial roadways for usage and effectiveness.

  • We will keep and improve the Georgia and Dunsmuir Viaducts.  We will NOT spend billions tearing them down.

  • We will immediately reopen the critical Adanac Street Overpass to vehicles.

  • We will Lower Taxes, make Vancouver more livable and help Vancouver businesses. Immediately, on day one, we will make parking free after 8 PM Monday to Saturday and free all-day on Sunday.

  • We are 100% against the so-called “School Tax”. It is blatant socialist capital appropriation by the NDP. We will fight this in court.

  • We will undertake a full forensic review of the City of Vancouver’s finances. Currently the City of Vancouver is over $2 billion dollars in debt.

  • We will immediately tear out or cancel three new separated bike lanes: West 10th in front of VGH; The superfluous bike lane across the Cambie Bridge; The 12-foot-wide bike lane being imposed on families and children in Kits Beach.

  • We will consult and take direction from community groups, we will not dictatorially impose drastic change on a community or neighbourhood until all concerns are fully aired and considered and if necessary, voted upon.

  • Mutual Respect is a Coalition Vancouver comprehensive policy initiative to keep our roadways clear, our commerce flowing and our residents safer.

    It has 4 primary components:

    1. Council will pass much more robust “Street and Traffic” City By-Laws
    2. Immediately, 50% of all City of Vancouver Parking Enforcement Officers will be retrained or let go.
    3. Newly trained By-Law officers to enforce a basic respect for each mode of transport – with the goal of maximizing the volume of safe traffic flow.
    4. Those remaining in Parking Enforcement will be re-directed toward congestion issues and will focus upon ticketing AND towing vehicles impeding rush hour traffic on main arterial roads.
  • Clean City – A green city is impossible without having a clean city.  We will be rolling out specific initiatives to clean up our city, everything from needles in parks, to overflowing public trash cans, to graffiti.

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